Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Keep your air conditioning system in peak condition with our professional maintenance service!

Maintaining your air conditioning system is essential to keeping it working in an efficient and more cost effective way.

Our specialist air conditioning service and maintenance visits whether regularly or periodically will ensure the correct and proper functioning of your air conditioning units. A visit can will include everything from ventilation and duct cleaning to gas refilling and much much more.

We will be able to inform you if parts could do with replacing before they fail and potentially cause more harm.

How often should air conditioning be serviced?

Those who have a simple home air conditioning unit used simply for cooling a room or two, one visit per year will probably be enough.

If you have a commercial premises such as a shop, restaurant or office, then we would suggest two visits a year. Commercial air conditioning used at locations where there is increased air pollution would do well to have their units serviced more frequently. Air con left on for most of the day has a tendency to build and clogs within its ventilation system causing it to become very un-efficient and struggle to perform correctly.