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Professional Installers of Office Air Conditioning

Keeping your office and Staff in a temperature controlled environment is the best way to ensure a content and motivated team. There is nothing more unfavourable than working in a hot and clammy office.

There’s multiple factors that must be considered when installing air conditioners in an office environment. It’s key to ensure you find an option that enables the perfect air flow all round. Those lacking experience often fail to consider the domain they’re attempting to fit the air-con, thus resulting in an uneven distribution of such and usually ending in ‘office temperature disagreements’.

Wall mounted air conditioners are customary units to be used, being cost-efficient and simple even for the amateurs to fit. They’re most often positioned in higher levels of walls and also quite compact. A single unit alone is coherent for a small office space of around 1-6 people, and multiple for larger spaces.

Looking to find a more aesthetic style? There are many manufacturers specialising in such including Gree Moda, Daikin and the Mitsubishi Zen.

Ceiling-mounted ‘cassette’ units are more often the preferred option for modern offices, however their slight drawback being the higher costs involved. These air conditioning units are all but hidden within a suspended ceiling. Another bonus to ceiling mounted units is the four-way airflow they provide enabling that equitable cooling distribution and, for some, individual controls to direct air flow as you wish. If the office space lacks the ‘false-ceiling, a wall-mounted system may be more suited for your requirements.

A final option may include ducted air conditioning, despite the elegant look of these units, there is still a greater cost involved again in comparison. Ducted units leave only the grilles visible within a suspended ceiling. These are not the best of recommendations if being installed without undergoing a building project unless a suspended ceiling is available in which case the disturbance will be of small significance. There are multiple grilles available too, it is usually suggested to check with an expert for the best style for your office space