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How Air Conditioning Works?

The air conditioning process is rather complex, but the use is very simple. It works like a refrigerator.

A compressor pumps refrigerant through two coils. One gets hot and the other becomes cold. The warm air from the environment is taken into the compressor and blown over the cold coil to dry and cool it. This cool air is expelled into the room to give a cool, refreshing feel to the room.

Some warm room air is drawn across the hot coil, to remove the heat from the coil and the hot air is expelled via the hose through a window or a hole in the wall.

Types of Air Conditioners we supply

There are basically 3 types of air conditioners we supply, the portable air conditioners, split air conditioning system and the window air conditioning .

Our portable air conditioners are ideal for short term cooling and being mobile they can be moved from one place to another. They do not require an outdoor unit and installation.  You simply plug the 13amp plug provided with the unit, attach the hose provided out of a window or door and you can enjoy the cool air.  More about portable air conditioners .

The split air conditioning systems are sometimes known as “fixed air conditioning systems”.  You install the units to a fixed wall, connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.  Therefore, this is not mobile.  But the advantages of a split air conditioning system compared with a portable air conditioner is that it is quiet, more efficient and tidy as it does not take up your room floor space. More about split air conditioning systems.

The window air conditioning is fitted in the wall so that the back of the window air conditioning is facing the exterior whilst the front of the window air conditioning is facing the internal room.

how does air conditioning work

Exhausting the Heat

Single Unit – Portable Air Conditioners

This is achieved by means of a 1 or 1.3 metre flexible hose. This hose must be vented through an outside wall or window using the socket provided. As a temporary instant solution, a flattened adaptor is included so that the hose can be fitted through a partially opened window or door.

Split System – Portable Air Conditioners

The separate external condenser box is connected to the main inside unit by means of refrigerant lines. These lines can be passed through a hole in the wall, about the size of half a brick before reconnecting. The external box can be placed either on the ground outside or hooked by straps over the edge of a window frame.

Advantages of Air Conditioning?

The temperature in the room can be reduced substantially and to a set comfortable temperature. The speed with which the heat is removed will depend upon the BTU/Hr of the unit and the heat gain into the room.

Air conditioners work best with doors and windows (and curtains/blinds) closed to avoid external heat gain.

All air conditioners dehumidify as they cool. Those with internal water tanks can be used
as dehumidifiers during the winter.

Easy to install with all necessary fittings included for through window or wall use.

Run off a standard 13amp socket.

Some models feature adjustable thermostats, temperature read-outs adjustable timers for
off (and in some cases on) and remote control handsets.

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